Building Hope
Creating nationwide access to a high-quality education

263, 000 brand impressions

10,000 social engagements

40,000 website visits

16K video views 

153%+ in newsletter click rate
23%+ in digital fundraising
10.5+ increase in social impressions
22%+ in site visits


Building Hope is a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing educational opportunities for K-12 students. Over their 20-year history, Building Hope has invested $482 million in high-impact charter schools serving nearly 200,000 children. While their decades of expertise in finance, real estate and charter school operations provided schools with the advantage of having a high-level professional partner with a shared mission of creating high-quality, innovative charter schools, their digital presence was minimal. They needed a way to continue to strengthen relationships within the charter school community.  

Our Approach

Building Hope’s impact shines in the students and families whose lives are forever transformed through the power of great education. We started our partnership by crafting a strategic social media playbook that established clear goals for increasing brand awareness, social media engagement, and website activity. With the playbook setting the tone for Building Hope’s social media presence, we developed a series of evergreen and themed campaigns providing immense value and support for the charter school community and achieving nationwide awareness of the Building Hope brand and its services. As Building Hope’s marketing strategy began to resonate, we executed strategic activation campaigns such as the inaugural and second annual Building Hope IMPACT Summit & Awards, which awards more than $300K in grants to deserving charter school leaders and volunteers.  

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Web Design

With a storytelling approach in mind, we developed a dynamic and rich site that is authentic to the Fresh Start brand and will continue to support the organization’s engagement and fundraising goals for years to come.

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I had a huge dream to graduate college and it changed my life forever. Now, I want to help inspire high school students to bridge their dreams and make college happen.

Winnie Sun, Sun Group Wealth Partners

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